Every object in my office has a purpose or meaning.
Two jars on either side of the lamp at the end of the room each contain 168 stones.
The jar on the right is about two-thirds full and contains 167 clear aquarium stones that are virtually indistinguishable from one another, plus one large, vibrant blue stone.
The jar on the left also contains 168 stones, but these stones are a variety colors and sizes. Most are blue, green, gray or black. Others are silver, and a few are gold. Some are smooth. Others are jagged, chipped, or broken beach glass. Fifty-six are opaque white. None are clear. Like the other jar, there is one large, vibrant blue stone.
The blue stone in each jar represents the hour each week someone spends in my office. The remaining one hundred sixty-seven stones in the left jar represents the time between one's previous session and the current one. The fifty-six opaque white stones represent an average of seven hours of sleep per night - the recommended minimum amount the average person needs for optimal health and well-being. The rest represent the remaining hours in one's week - some are more colorful, others are more rough, and a few are silver and gold. We discuss any or all of those during the session.
The clear stones in the second jar represent the one hundred sixty-seven hours until the next session.